The Ultimate Guide on How To Pick the Best Lock Pick Set

What you will learn in this post:

  • What are the lock picks and what you need it.
  • What type of lock pic sets would best work for you.
  • How to choose the best lock pick set ( Beginner or Professional )
  • Things to consider before buying a lock pick set
  • What are the top brands for lock pick set

To me, lock picking is a hobby. I have done it long enough, and each time I enjoy it more. I struggled at first because I never had the best lock pick set.

When entering into the world of lock picking, the large number of products in the market will challenge you.

You may not know which lock pick products you need for a starter kit and how much you should spend on one. I faced the same problem.

This guide will take you through all you need to know when shopping for the best lock pick set.

Lock picking is the "art of unlocking a lock by manipulating the components of the lock device without the original key." [source]

If You Are Just Getting Started Read This

In this section I will cover some of the basics you need to consider before buying your first lock pick set.

What are Lock Picks?

Lock picks are pins that allow you to manipulate the components of a lock even without an original key. Unless you are a budding locksmith, training lock picking can be taken as having criminal intents. Some people take it as a hobby to help those who are locked out of their houses.

With the best lock picking tools, the process should not take more than a few minutes. There are countries, such as Japan where picking tools are illegal, but in most countries, you can own lock picking kits as long as you do not have criminal intents. [source]

Why do you Need a Lock Pick Set?

You might wonder why you need to learn how to pick locks and even acquire picking sets. Lock picking is an indispensable skill for locksmiths or it may be helpful if you lock yourself out of the car often.

When you learn how to pick locks, you realize that locks are just an illusion of security.

After I picked my first lock, I was on the market looking for a challenging lock to pick and improve my lock picking skills.

Types of Lock Pick Sets

You should buy lock pick sets based on your needs and experience.

Professional Set: Locksmiths should buy a professional set; this is a collection of all the pins required to pick all types of locks.

Beginner Set: If you are just getting started you may consider a simple beginner set.

How to Choose the Best Lock Pick Set

A good lock pick set will be offered with a variety of picks and wrenches. A carrying case will accompany it.

Different brands offer various types of picks, and this may present a challenge to those buying the first set. Of course, you will buy based on your needs.

When shopping, consider that some models are designed for US-made locks while some are intended for other markets.

You need to understand the use of different picks including rakes, half diamonds, wrenches, and hooks.

When you know the use of each, it is easy for you to decide what to buy.

Quality lock picking tools are made of carbon steel or spring steel.

  A close look at what it is you are looking for in a padlock eventually determines the security of your assets. Always ensure that you have the best product. Some are the above-reviewed products. Don’t buy one that will disappoint you after a few uses. Hopefully, you enjoyed the review and found what you were looking for. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on the best padlock of your choice.

It's also super important for you to understand the use of different picks including rakes, half diamonds, wrenches, and hooks. When you know the use of each, it is easy for you to decide what to buy.

Rakes are designed with blades like those of a saw. They are ideal and probably best lock picking kits for beginners.

They are used by turning them inside the keyhole. In some instances, the rake might not get through the key hole, but there are different sizes. These are used to get a false set. When a lock has security pins, the rake might not open it. This is where you will need other tools.

2. Hook

True to its name, this is a pick with a bent tip. It is used as a standalone pick but also has other functions. The size and shape of your hook will determine how many uses you can put it into.

You can use it to randomly pick a lock without minding the pin you are using. This is a typical pick thanks to its versatility.

This is designed with a triangular tip. It is another adaptable pick that can be used on a variety of locks. It is offered in three sizes that will vary based on the manufacturer. The standard half diamond can be used as a rake.

The small half diamond is the most commonly used. When you need a small half diamond, you can file the large one down. The tapered edge of half diamond picks allow you to move pins in a lock when you apply enough tension.

You will only need to move the pick forward to set the pins. This mechanism allows you to zip a lock. Just like a rake, you can push it at the back of a keyway and remove it fast. In most instances, large half diamonds are disadvantageous unless they are filed down.

In lock picking, you will need to apply tension to a lock. Too much tension means that the lock pins will not set properly. This also happens when the tension is too low. It is easy to make these tools at home, seeing that they are simple pieces of rectangular metal with a 90-degree bend on both tips.

To make them useful, the L of the wrench needs to be serrated. Serrations allow more grip, ensuring that the wrench does not keep falling.

A twisted tension wrench is preferred as it allows you to rest your finger on it. This comes handy during a long picking session. In some wrenches, the L is trimmed, making them useful when used on top of the keyway. 

When training with different locks, you need diversified wrenches. You can even create custom wrenches for the lock you have.

tension wrench

4 Things To Consider Before Buying a Lock Pick Set

When shopping for lock pick set, irrespective of your level of skills, you will need to consider:

  1. Width
  2. Material
  3. Type of picks
  4. Added features such as serrations

I recommend you buy the narrowest picks on the market. A small lock pick will left enough room in the keyway letting you turn it and twist it all you want.

The material, like I mentioned, determines the durability of your lock pick set. Quality tools are relatively expensive, but they will offer value for money. Professional locksmiths and officers who need to pick locks often will need a comprehensive set.

The set should have all types of picks in all sizes and variations. For starters, the best lock pick set for beginners should cost you less than $50. This lets you learn without having to worry about breaking the tool.

Mistakes to Avoid when buying a Lock Pick Set

A starter kit should cost you less than $50. This, however, does not mean you get cheap kits that will not last a week.

Rather, it means you buy a kit with 10 or fewer pieces and then upgrade to a more comprehensive kit when you have learned the art.

Many starters make a mistake of learning on their house or car lock. This is not advisable as it may spoil the lock therefore you may want to consider buying practice locks

Before you buy your first set check out the following lock pick set reviews of picks NOT recommended.

  • KLOM 9 Piece Lock Pick Kit 
  • KLOM 18 Piece Lock Pick Kit 
  • GOSO 9 Piece Pick Set
  • GOSO 24 Piece Pick Set

When learning how to pick locks, there are things that you will need to avoid. There are some common mistakes, but the most common are using too much tension. If you put too much tension, there are higher chances of spoiling the lock. 

However, this does not mean you use too little pressure. While using too little effort will not ruin the lock, it will not set the pins accordingly and will render your efforts useless. Ensure that you choose the right tool and pick the right tension points.

  • Do not practice on your house or car locks, you may damage the lock.
  • Do not use too much tension.
  • Using too little effort will not usually not set the pins accordingly too.
Which Padlocks to Avoid?

Where to Buy Lock Pick Set?

  1. - You can also buy lock pick sets from Amazon. Buying online gives you the convenience of shopping from anywhere, and having the picks delivered right to your door.
  2. - You can also buy at Walmart and other online shops. When shopping, ensure you can access all the details of a lock to know exactly what you are buying.
  3. Ebay

Best Professional Lock Pick Set

A professional lock pick set may have up to 80 pieces. This will allow you to pick any type of lock. In the set are different rakes, hooks, half diamonds and wrenches. The case is, therefore, relatively big.

These are usually needed by locksmiths. A homeowner does not need all those pins. Picks are designed at different widths and lengths to accommodate the needs of users.

Some of the best lock picking kits in this category include

Best Beginner Lock Pick Set

As a beginner, you do not need picks that cost you more than $100. You will need just enough to help you train and get the handle of the art. To start with, choose a kit with a wrench, rake, a half diamond and a hook.

You will need a lock to practice on. You can choose picks based on the training lock you have. There are picks that are good for tumbler locks; if you, therefore, pick a tumbler lock for training, choose picks that will go with it.

You can choose the best beginner lock pick set from the ones below:

Best Cheap Lock Pick Set

Lock pick sets are designed with different materials including stainless steel and aluminum. The material will determine the price of a lock pick set.

A cheap lock pick set will be made of cheap material. These are ideal for beginner locksmiths. These are not long lasting, but they offer a good deal if you are on budget and you do not need a set to use every day.

  • 15-in-1 Stainless Steel Set Tool
  • Delcast PX4 Set Tool
  • Hittime 12 Pieces Lock Set
  • Vantasii Pick and Hoot Set
  • IIT 21560 Lock Pick

Best Auto Lock Pick Sets

These are handy tools designed to save time and increase technician productivity. They are suitable for locksmiths, automotive professionals, towing companies and first responders. The picks are made with strong materials to enhance their productive life.

Besides the standard lock pick set, there are wafer lock readers, gas cap keys, and GM ring clip remover among others. Auto lock picks are designed to meet the needs of specific car makes and models. Some picks are designed to pick locks from a variety of models while others can only pick one car.

Some of the best lock picking set for automobiles are:

  • Sareepe 12-Pieces Fold Pick Tool
  • Bullkeys Combination Set
  • CRL Hook and Pick Set
  • QG Products Deluxe Lock Set with Training Kit
  • Mr Sherlock Tool Set with Training Kit

Top Brands Selling Lock Pick Sets

It is challenging to pick the best lock pick brand seeing that there are hundreds of brands. Some of the top brands include:

1. SouthOrd
SouthOrd creates lock picks for beginners and intermediates. Their quality is great and once you get used to the tools, you will love how they work. However, lock pick cases are relatively low quality.

2. SecurePro
SecurePro is your go-to brand when you need a budget lock pick set. The sets come with ergonomic plastic handles, making them comfortable to use. One of their most popular set is the Credit Card Lock Pick, which is designed for beginners. The sets are quite sturdy for the price.

3. Goso
If you need single pin picks and auto lock picks, Goso is a brand to consider. Their tension wrenches are designed in all shapes and sizes, making them handy for professionals. Again their locks are high quality and sturdy.

4. Hudson Lock, LLC
Hudson Lock picks are offered in duplicates. This ensures you always have a tool when the old ones break. It is also handy when you need to manipulate a given pick to add serrations or other features. They are designed in stainless or spring steel, making them highly durable and strong. Most of the picks are thin.

5. Peterson
Peterson lock picks are known for quality. You may have to pay more than for any other best lock pick brand, but your product will last. They use electroless nickel, which gives the picks a comfortable feel. Their cases are among the best on the market. These picks are suitable for professionals rather than beginners.

Pre-Made Lock Sets vs DIY Pick Set

It is easier to get an Amazon lock pick set. You only need to choose what fits your needs and place the order. It saves you the hassle of following DIY videos online. However, there are times you might want to save yourself the cost of buying ready-made sets and make your own.

If you decide to go with a DIY set, you must be skilled in lock picking. It gives you an edge when you face a unique lock that needs a unique pick.

For beginners, a pre-made lock set is recommended until you learn how to lock pick perfectly. For professionals, having a combination of pre-made and DIY lock sets comes handy as you will be faced with different types of locks.

How To Use a Lock Pick Set

There are different picking techniques depending on the type of lock. Specific techniques and picks will be used to pick specific locks. Pin tumblers need a tension wrench to apply tension to the cylinder. The easiest way is to push the pins to ensure they line up well.

As each pin is pushed, the cylinder turns to hold the pins in place. After the pins have been aligned, tension can be applied to open the lock. However, before applying tension on the pins, you can try the raking technique to push at least a single pin up.

It makes the task easier and faster. When the tumbler has unique pins, special tools will be needed. Combination locks are relatively hard to pick, they require different picks and techniques to get through. Cheap locks can be opened by lock picking kits for beginners. All you have to do is push a thing piece of metal between the body and the shackle.

Where Should I Buy My Locks to Practice?

Tumbler locks are the best for practice. When you need to learn how to use a lock pick set, get one and get started. For those buying lock pick sets for emergencies and as a hobby, you can choose the same lock as the one you use at home.

Amazon is the best place to buy practice locks. You can order today and get the lock tomorrow. You can order your locks as you order your lockpick set Amazon.

DIY lock pick sets are great when you know how to make them. They are a cheaper alternatives to pre-made lockpick set Amazon. If you love DIY projects, this can be fun for you. Even the best lock picking set might present a problem to you when you meet a new lock.


Lock picking is fun. You just need to acquire the best lock picking set and learn the skill. Lock picking laws are different in every state; you need to read the laws of your state. [source]

When shopping, be sure to check lock pick set reviews for the best quality. The best picking sets will give you a long functional life and will be adaptable.

I struggled when I was shopping for lock picking kits for beginners when I first started my job. That is why I created this guide to help you choose the best lock pick set for beginners.

Did you enjoy tshis article? Let us know what you think about lock picking? Which brand is your favorite?