Best Padlocks in the World – Top Reviews

We know that keeping the things safe in your home can be stressful; it has kept many awake at nights.

Whether you are locking up your fence or home, you will definitely need the best padlock in the world for maximum security.

To assist you in your search, we have compiled a list of padlocks that are perfect for your everyday security needs.

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IOTC DECO 79 01103

Best Padlock in the World

This heavy-duty lock is our best pick because it is made of very high-quality material within a reasonable price range. It will provide high-security and although it isn’t the best looking padlock, you can rely on it. Read more...


ABUS 20/70 DISKUS Padlock

2nd Best Padlock in the World

Abus 20/70 is one of our favorite padlocks of all time. It is sturdy and very high-quality. There are no springs in the locking mechanism, so it is very difficult to pick. This German padlock is resistant to drilling and, hence, comes as the runner-up. Read more..



3rd Best Padlock in the World

The heavy Stanley padlock is great for anyone looking for a durable padlock for everyday needs. The molybdenum shackles are resistive to cutting and sawing. The only downside is that it isn’t very weatherproof. Read more..

Best Padlocks
Best Padlocks
How Much Should You Spend on a Good Padlock?
Best Padlocks
Best Padlocks
How Much Should You Spend on a Good Padlock?
Best Padlocks
Best Padlocks
How Much Should You Spend on a Good Padlock?
Best Padlocks
Best Padlocks
How Much Should You Spend on a Good Padlock?

Best Padlocks
Best Padlocks
How Much Should You Spend on a Good Padlock?
Best Padlocks
Best Padlocks
How Much Should You Spend on a Good Padlock?

Best Padlocks in the World - Top 10 Reviews

Let's review each padlock in detail now.

#1: Best Padlock Under $35 -  Stanley Hardware S828- 160 CD8820 Review

The Stanley Padlock is a high-quality padlock.

You will be safe from cutting and prying. The 6-pin cylinder mechanism provides high-security. Since the padlock comes with shrouded shackle, the thief will be needing a new bolt cutter.

You can always keep the exterior of the lock and get a new core.

  • check
    Six pin cylinder
    High security
  • check
    Latch protection
  • check
    Engraved key code on keys
  • Molybdenum shackle
  • Dual ball-bearing locking system
  • Anti-drilling feature
  • On the heavier side
    High security
  • Isn’t very weatherproofed

This is a great solution for everyday security needs. The padlock is durable, strong, and provides adequate protection.

#2: Best Lightweight Padlock - ABUS 80TI/50 Titalium Review

Abus padlocks have a reputation for coming out with some of the best padlocks in the world.

Some are famous partly due to being manufactured in Germany. However, this padlock is on the cheaper side as it is manufactured in China. That being said, there is no compromise on its quality.

The shackle is as thick as they come and with the high precision 6-pin cylinder mechanism, you get maximum security.

  • check
    The shackle is made of strong titanium alloy steel
    High security
  • check
    Comes with two keys
  • check
    The coating is made of nano protect - corrosion resistant material
  • 6-pin cylinder lock mechanism
  • Double bolted
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Shackle may be too thick 
    High security

Since the shackle is too thick for some uses, always check where you will be using this padlock. Overall, it is lightweight, sturdy, and gets the job done.

#3: Best High Security Padlock - ABUS 20/70 DISKUS Review

ABUS 20/70 is a German, handmade padlock with impressive strength due to the Deep Welding Technology.

The shackle space is too little to be cut, so the padlock provides high-security.

When we tested it against high-quality bolt cutters, we were happy to see that it didn’t snap. It most definitely is one of the best padlocks in the world.

  • check

    Very high-quality

    High security
  • check


  • check


  • Comparatively cheap
  • Resistant to drilling
  • No springs in the mechanism
  • Very difficult to pick
  • Might get jammed on a very cold winter day
    High security

If you are looking for a high-security padlock, we highly recommend you give Abus 20/70 Diskus Padlock.

#4: Best Combination Padlock Under Budget - Padlock by Desired Review

Ideal for small places, the Padlock by Desired Tools is well-built, vibrant and adequately weather resistant.

You can choose from thousands of combinations and get sufficient security.

This padlock comes with 60-days of money back guarantee with 3 years of warranty.

  • check
    Adequate weather resistance
    High security
  • check
    Vibrant colors - very easy to spot
  • check
    Thousands of unique combinations
  • Sturdy build
  • Heavy-duty
  • Easy to Use
  • Not suitable for big places
    High security

If you are someone looking for a simple and cheap padlock, we recommend you give this padlock a chance.

#5: Best Smart Padlock - KWIKSET 50 MM SmartKey Review

The Kwikset SmartKey is made of hardened molybdenum, making it extremely resistant to cutting and sawing - unlike other padlocks in the same price range.

Dual ball bearing locking mechanism ensures you get maximum security. However, you will have to lock the padlock before opening it.

  • check
    Highly pick resistant
    High security
  • check
    Easy to set
  • check
  • Smartkey Technology
  • Bump-proof
  • Dual ball bearing
  • Affordable
  • The lock is too narrow for some uses
    High security

This padlock is ideal for anyone looking for a simple padlock that provides high-security.

#6: Best Gym Lockers - Oria Combination Lock Review

Oria Combination Lock is one of the highest quality padlocks with excellent design. It is lightweight, resistant to rust and weather, and very easy to use.

  • check
    High security
  • Great weatherproofing
  • check
  • check
    Easy to use
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Well Designed
  • Stiff while changing numbers
    High security

This padlock is amazing for people going to gyms, schools, and offices - people who need suitable security.

#7: Best Beginner Padlock - Master Lock 178D Review

The Master Lock 178D is a simple padlock with hardened steel shackles, so it is resistant to cutting.

The solid body provides great strength and resistance against different weather patterns.

  • check
    Re-settable code
    High security
  • check
    Four-digit combination
  • check
  • Durable
  • Highly weather resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Needs combination change key to reset code
    High security

This padlock is ideal for anyone who isn’t well-versed with padlocks. You will get ample security without having to hit jackpot.

#8: Best For Fence Padlock - Master Lock 187XD Review

Master Lock 187XD is a high-security padlock because of the 4-pin cylinder mechanism.

It is pick and pry resistant due to the dual locking lever mechanism.

The shackle is made such that it is resistant to bolt cutters. The Weather Tough Technology protects against dirt and moisture.

  • check
    High security
  • check
    Comes with two keys
  • check
    Weather resistant
  • Hardened steel shackle
  • 4 pin cylinder mechanism
  • Dual locking lever mechanism
  • Keys could have been of higher quality
    High security

This padlock is amazing for fences, sheds, storage units, trucks, and trailers. 

#9: Best Under $10 Padlock - Master Lock 1500T Review

The Master Lock 1500T is a 3-digit combination padlock which provides great protection against theft.

The metal body is strong, the hardened steel shackles resistant to cutting, and the locking mechanism is anti-shim, so it is very sturdy.

  • check
    Simple and sturdy
    High security
  • check
    Comes with two keys
  • check
    Great price value
  • Hardened steel shackle
  • Not very high-quality
    High security

If you are tight on budget and need more than one padlock, then Master Lock 1500T might be the perfect fit for you.

#10: Best Heavy Duty Padlock - IOTC DECO 79 01103 Review

This padlock might look very old, but its rustic feel is perfectly designed for heavy-duty use.

The etched typography and rustic finish give off a very vintage vibe.

It is high-quality and long-lasting because of the brass exterior.

Moreover, it is an amazing padlock, getting its well-deserved place in the list of best padlocks in the world.

  • check
    Very high-quality
    High security
  • check
    Reasonable price
  • check
  • Comes with two keys
  • The locking mechanism is great
  • Isn’t the best looking padlock
    High security

If you are looking for a very high-quality padlock within the reasonable price range, then this padlock might be the best one for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Padlock 

best padlocks in the world - review

We have compiled a list of things you should consider while buying a padlock:

#1: Where will you use it?

First and foremost, determine where you will be using the padlock.

There is no point of getting a very high-security padlock for your gym or school locker or a very low-security one for your shed.

Similarly, would it be used indoors or outdoors? Would it be exposed to snow or rain? Look for rust-resistant materials in the padlock if so.

In short, buy the padlock that best fits your situation.

#2: Thick shackle vs. thin shackle

Thin shackles are ideal for small holes. Thicker shackles should be used where there is a lot of space, so you can fit it easily.

Thin shackles are harder to pry open, but thicker shackles are much harder to break or saw.

#3: What do you want to secure?

You need to know what you want to keep safe. If you are keeping old, useless tools in a box, then there is no need to buy an expensive padlock.

Similarly, if it is a locker full of money or something of the like, then getting a high-security padlock would be wiser.

#4: How much will you spend?

Just because something is expensive, doesn’t mean it is better. There are many cheaper alternatives to expensive locks.

Look for locks made of high-quality materials like brass or steel.

The more complicated the locking mechanism is, the better. For example, double bolted shackles, 4-pin cylinder or higher. This would make your lock harder to pick.

#5: Type of material

You should consider the fact that a lock is as good as the metal used for making it. Better metals give better security. This holds true for both the core and the shackle. Similarly, the thicker it is, the better. The best padlocks in the world will have the best materials in their construction.

Alloys are much better than metals because they have better strength and durability, etc. Although the standard hardened steel is an outstanding alloy for providing protection, there are, however, specialized alloys that provide extraordinary security.

Lastly, in most cases, the heavier the lock is, the stronger it is. However, it isn’t always true, but can be used for getting an idea about the strength.

What Makes a Great Padlock? - Essential Features!

#1: Ball Bearings Equals Security

If your padlock doesn’t have ball bearings and you are looking for a high-security lock, run the other way! This is because a padlock is much easily shimmed in its absence.

#2: Shackle Release Tells A Lot

If the shackle of your padlock releases from only one end and turns a little on the other, then it isn’t very high-security.


Because the intruder would only need to cut one of the sides. However, if both ends release then both sides would need to be cut. That way, you will be buying a little extra time and security.

#3: Shackle Cover - Worth the Extra Cost?

The shackle cover, also known as a shroud, is mostly made of a strong metal.

Since a padlock’s weakest point is its shackle, providing an extra layer on top gives an additional sheet of protection.

The lesser the exposed surface of the shackle, the safer it will be.

#4: Anti-Drill Plate - Why are they important?

Most padlocks come with an anti-drill plate that is independent of the lock.

What do we mean by that, you ask?

Well, it is a loose covering that when drilled into would rotate on its own.

Since it isn't attached to the lock, the metal underneath stays safe.

Moreover, it may even come with hardened steel inserts that are inserted in hopes that it would not only deflect the drill bit, but also be harder than its metal.

#5: Understanding the Core

The core is the generally referred to the part of the lock where the key is inserted. This is also the cylinder.

Now, this is important to know in terms of the pick protection your lock will need. You will have to consider factors like: How many pins does it have?

Does it even have pins? What type of material is used to make it? What is the type of pins: standard, security or hardened steel?

It can be of a great advantage to have a removable core. Some of the best padlocks in the world have this feature. You can replace it and trick the thief! You can customize it to your own liking and boost your security. Other things many locks have are counter milling, sidebars, etc.

Important Things You Need to Know!

#1: Nothing is 100% Safe

There are a few locks in the world that are efficient enough to divert even the most determined thieves. Most of the locks are going to be broken by a persistent robber. Therefore, you can’t rely 100% on any padlock.

That said, always get a padlock which provides enough security that you don’t have to worry all the time. It is better to pay an extra buck now than to lose a lot of money later.

#2: Do not use oils too much

You shouldn't use oils too often. This is because fatty oils will attract dust and, since they congeal, it is going to clog the padlock.

This isn’t impossible to remove, but it is very time-consuming.

#3: Weather resistance is not guaranteed

Most padlocks aren't guaranteed for external use.

Companies do try to make them as resistant to water, dust, etc.But this isn't entirely possible because there isn't any material that is totally corrosion free.  

Even the best padlocks in the world won’t come with this guarantee. So, keeping that in mind, always consider where you will be using your padlock.

#4: What else is important?

You need to know that even the most high-security and the best padlocks in the world are worth nothing if they are attached to weak chains or hasps.

If any of the components break under pressure then a padlock isn’t something you should be looking for; get the door-frame or chain fixed or renewed.

#5: The installation process

So you have decided what you are going to buy and are happy with your pick. However, don’t let the installation process haunt you.

Figure out if you will be doing it or a professional locksmith will be needed. We always suggest that you get to know the installation process beforehand in any case because it would tell you if there is a need to change the hardware you already have. Therefore, plan accordingly. However, this is secondary to what we have shared until now because it isn’t advisable to buy a lock that is easy to install, but lacks the required security.

Final Verdict

This is our list of the best padlocks in the world.

All of them are sturdy, durable, high-quality and provide amazing security. That being said, it is always you who gets to make the final decision. We wish you the best in your search for the perfect padlock.

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