Best Security Chain – 9 Handpicked, Reviewed with Guide, FAQs

With so many companies selling security chains these days, it’s easy to see why a regular customer would have trouble finding an appropriate one.

You don’t have to worry anymore though because we’ve tested the best ones out there and compiled them here in this extensive list.

Today, we’ll look at security chains of all shapes and sizes. We will also discuss what makes a security chain worth buying and determine how you can find a suitable one.


Kryptonite New York FAHGETTABOUDIT

Best Security Chain

This durable chain is made of manganese steel. It comes with a deadbolt lock as well as a sliding dust cover for maximum security as well as safety from dirt.


Schlage 12mm Noose Security Chain

2nd Best Security Chain

This product is extremely cut-resistant and is able to withstand harsh weather conditions very easily. It’s available in two different lengths for you to choose from.


Abus Iven Steel-O-Chain

3rd Best Security Chain

This chain is as flexible as it is secure. It’s flexibility means you can use it to secure your bike in a number of different ways.

These three products stood out from the crowd as the best ones that we had the pleasure of testing.

Now, let’s delve deeper into these products in the form of reviews for the top 9 best security chains.

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Best Security Chain - Best 9 Reviews

#1: All-Around Best Security Chain - Kryptonite New York FAHGETTABOUDIT Review

As the name of this product suggests, you can definitely lock your bike using this security chain and just forget about it.

It features a heavy-duty chain made from manganese steel with individual links that are 14 mm thick each. This makes them near impossible to get through with standard bolt cutters. We tested this chain with many different tools and it took us a much longer time to get through it than any thief would have.

You get three keys with this lock, one of which has a small LED fitted onto it. This is a very useful feature that allows you to see what you’re doing when you’re locking or unlocking the chain in a dark area.

Features of Kryptonite New York FAHGETTABOUDIT - Best Security Chain

  1. Chain length: 5 inches

  2. Shackle diameter: 15 mm

  3. Weight: 15.25 pounds

  4. 14 mm chain links made of manganese steel

  5. 3 stainless steel keys one of which has a built-in LED

  • Easy to use
    High security
  • Dust cover protects from dirt, dust and grime
  • Drill-resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Extremely secure
  • Quite expensive
    High security
  • Quite heavy

If you’re looking for a security chain that will stand up not only to thieves but also to harsh weather then this product is the one for you. It’s incredibly durable and resilient.

#2: Best Long Security Chain - Schlage 12mm Noose Security Chain Review

We tested both sizes of this product and they are pretty much exactly the same except for their length. The fact that the larger version of this chain is so long means that you can utilize it to lock your bike in many different, creative and secure ways.

The cinch ring design makes more of the chain’s length usable. You can even use this chain and pair it with other types of locks such as U-locks or padlocks to make your bike even more secure. 

Features of Schlage 12mm Noose Security Chain

  1. Available in two lengths: 39 inches and 59 inches

  2. Weight: 5 pounds and 10 pounds respectively

  3. Cinch ring design

  4. ½ inch thick heat-treated manganese steel links

  5. 12 mm diameter

  • Can be used in combination with padlocks or U-locks
    High security
  • Extremely long
  • Weather-resistant
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Cut-resistant
  • Protective cloth does not cover the entire length of the chain
    High security

If you’re looking for a security chain that is very long then you’ve just found it. This chain has a length of up to 59 inches and it features incredibly strong links that are near impossible to cut through.

#3: Best Security Chain with Heavy-Duty Cover - Abus Iven Steel-O-Chain Review

This is a security chain that is fairly lightweight and you won’t have any trouble taking it with you wherever you go on your bike.

The Nylon body cover is incredibly high-quality. It definitely plays a huge role in increasing the longevity of this security chain.

The security chain has a special coating over it which ensures that you don’t scratch up your bike’s paint when securing it. This is a common complaint that many bikers have with cheaper security chains. 

Features of Abus Iven Steel-O-Chain

  1. Dimensions: 15.6 inches x 5.5 inches x 3.4 inches

  2. Weight: 4.67 pounds

  3. Comes with a body cover

  4. 8 mm thick chain

  5. Special coating to prevent scratching

  • Nylon body cover protects it from dust and dirt
    High security
  • Easy to use

  • Secure

  • Portable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Some customers say the lock was shipped to them without the key
    High security

If you want to protect your security chain from its surroundings then this product is ideal for you. The Nylon cover keeps it safe from all sorts of things and it’s also very durable for a security chain.

#4: Best Security Chain with Padlock - Kryptonite New York Noose Review

This product is incredibly secure. Its sturdy exterior along with its black and orange color palette gives it a very intimidating look. This look can come in handy as it acts as a strong visual deterrent for any thief thinking about attempting to steal your bike.

It’s part of Kryptonite’s Key Safe program which states that if you lose your keys, you can contact Kryptonite and they will ship you two more free of cost. 

Features of Kryptonite New York Noose

  1. Dimensions: 8.5 inches x 4.8 inches x 3.5 inches

  2. Weight: 6.94 pounds

  3. 12 mm six-sided chain links

  4. Protective nylon cover

  5. 14 mm steel shackle

  6. Key Safe Program

  • Reasonable price
    High security
  • Extremely secure

  • Easy to use

  • Small in size
  • Works as a visual deterrent
  • Heavy for its size
    High security

If you want double security on your bike in the form of a security chain and a padlock then this is the product you’re looking for. It’s extremely well-made and it will last you a lifetime.

#5: Best Weather-Proof Security Chain - Kryptonite 001706 48' Keeper 712 Integrated Chain Lock Review

This security chain features a 3-feet long chain with four-sided chain links that are 7 mm thick. They are made from manganese steel and believe us when we say that they can withstand all sorts of standard cutting attacks.

The disc-style cylinder at the end of it is pick and drill-resistant.

It also features a nylon sleeve that covers the entirety of the chain. This sleeve not only protects the chain from harsh weather but it also ensures that the chain doesn’t scratch up your bike’s paint.

Features of Kryptonite 001706 48' Keeper 712 Integrated Chain Lock

  1. Dimensions: 7.1 inches x 7.1 inches x 1.2 inches

  2. Weight: 3.7 pounds

  3. Drill-resistant cylinder

  4. Patented end-link design for extra holding power

  5. Nylon sleeve

  • Weatherproof
    High security
  • Quite secure

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to carry around
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Lock becomes rigid after a few months
    High security

If you live in an area where it rains a lot or it’s very cold then this product is definitely for you. It’s able to withstand snow, sleet or rain and it provides great security for your bike as well.

#6: Best Versatile Security Chain - ABUS Granit Extreme Plus 59 Chain Lock Review

This is an extremely well-built product that impressed us through and through with the quality of its exterior as well as how strong it was.

It was able to withstand all of our tests. It took a high-powered angle grinder and an extremely long time for us to finally break through this security chain.

For a security chain that is so heavy-duty, this product is relatively quite lightweight and not too difficult to carry with you.

Features of ABUS Granit Extreme Plus 59 Chain Lock

  1. Chain length: 59 inches

  2. Weight: 8.27 pounds

  3. Pick-resistant

  4. Comes with three keys

  5. Built-in LED in one key

  • Portable
    High security
  • Easy to operate

  • Lightweight for its size

  • Flexible
  • Secure
  • Very expensive
    High security

If you’re looking for a security chain that can be used to lock your bike in many different ways then this product is definitely for you. It’s extremely long and is very heavy-duty.

#7: Best Bolt Cutter Proof Security Chain - Kryptonite New York Legend 1590 15mm Chain & New York Lock Bicycle 15mm Padlock Review

This security chain is fairly small in length and we feel that is part of its intended design. Oftentimes, you’ll have a very tight squeeze on your bike with this chain. This will make it quite difficult for any thief to maneuver the chain into a position where it can be cut.

The chain is made from hardened steel that cannot be cut using bolt cutters.

Along with the standard chain, this product also features a double deadbolt design. This ensures that it’s able to withstand any sort of leverage and twist attacks. 

Features of Kryptonite New York Legend 1590 15mm Chain & New York Lock Bicycle 15mm Padlock

  1. Dimensions: 3.2 inches x 1.2 inches x 1.2 inches

  2. Weight: 10.36 pounds

  3. Key Safe Program

  4. Hardened double deadbolt 

  5. Disc-style cylinder

  • Drill-resistant
    High security
  • Cut-resistant

  • Does not scratch bike

  • Weather-resistant
  • Extremely secure
  • Quite short
    High security
  • Heavy for its size

If you’re in an area where thieves often employ bolt cutters to break into security chains then this is the product for you. It can stand up to bolt cutters and other similar tools extremely well.

#8: Best Affordable Security Chain - AKM Security Bike Chain Review

The AKM security bike chain really is the underdog of this list. We were expecting this product to underperform. However, it blew us away with its performance and its ability to stand up to many different tools and techniques.

The chain features 10 mm thick square links which are very difficult to get a hold of with bolt cutters. Even if you do somehow get a hold of it with them, good luck trying to apply a force that’s strong enough to get through the chain. You will be there all day and still won’t be able to break through this strong security chain.

Features of AKM Security Bike Chain

  1. Available in four different lengths: 3 feet, 4 feet, 5.25 feet and 6.6 feet

  2. Weight: 5.3 pounds, 6.8 pounds, 8.7 pounds and 10 pounds respectively

  3. Double-bow hitch

  4. Nylon sleeve cover

  5. 10 mm square links

  • Inexpensive
    High security
  • Quite secure

  • Easy to carry around

  • Easy to use
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Lock becomes rigid after a couple of months of use
    High security

If you’re looking for a dependable security chain on a budget then this product is perfect for you. It features chains in four different sizes so you can choose appropriately and it’s also very user-friendly.

#9: Best Security Chain with Custom Length - ABUS 14KS 6' Maximum Security Square Chain Review

ABUS has proven time and time again to be a great manufacturer for security chains and this product is definitely one of the reasons why.

It features a chain that is made of special hardened steel. It also has a protective zinc plating that enables it to have extreme corrosion resistance. 

The Nylon sleeve that covers the entirety of the chain is of very high-quality. It protects the chain from the weather and also protects your bike’s paint job from being scratched up by the chain. 

Furthermore, you can contact the manufacturer and ask them to make a custom-length chain and send it to you.

Features of ABUS 14KS 6' Maximum Security Square Chain

  1. Dimensions: 13 inches x 6 inches x 4 inches

  2. Weight: 19 pounds

  3. Can be custom ordered for any length

  4. Comes with a Nylon sleeve

  5. Steel alloy with yellow zinc plating

  • Great value for money
    High security
  • Does not scratch your bike

  • Corrosion-proof

  • Weather-resistant
  • Very secure
  • Extremely heavy and difficult to carry around
    High security

If you’re unsure of what length to get for your bike then this product is perfect for you. You can contact the manufacturer and get this specific chain built as short or as long as you want.

best security chain

Best Security Chain - Buyers’ Guide

What are some factors to think about when purchasing a security chain?

Here are some factors that you should keep in mind before purchasing a security chain:

  • The Area Where You’ll be Parking your Bike

It’s important for you to assess the area where you’ll be riding your bike as well as the places where the bike will be parked. If you live in a relatively low to moderate-risk area then you could get away with having a lightweight security chain for your bike. However, if you live in a high-risk area, then you may want to invest in a heavy-duty security chain. It's important for it to be able to withstand attacks from stronger tools and techniques.

  • Size, Weight and Dimensions

You definitely want to buy a security chain that’s durable but at the same time, you have to strike a balance with its level of portability as well. It’s very likely that you will stop using your security chain if you find it inconvenient to carry around with you every time you go out riding on your bike.

You also have to think about the length of the security chain and determine how long of a chain you need. You can help determine this by thinking about how you normally lock your bike. Do you lock it to a solid structure or do you immobilize the wheel by tying it to the bike frame? All of these questions will help you decide how long of a security chain you need. 

  • Brand

If you’re the kind of person that likes to try out new brands, we urge you to go against your instincts when it comes to security chains. You should definitely go for dependable brands that have been developing security chains for years. These are companies that have a good reputation and produce chains that can withstand all sorts of attacks. A security chain is a product that should definitely be bought from a trusted brand. This is because if you opt for one from a lesser-known brand and it turns out to be sub-par, you could end up getting your bike stolen.

  • Product Reviews

Product reviews when it comes to security chains are a gold mine of information that can really help you gauge the quality of certain products. They often have insight into the weaknesses of certain locks and whether they can be broken into using certain techniques or not.

Reading them before you decide on a product can definitely help you find out whether that product is secure enough for you or not. 

How secure are security chains?

Security chains are one of the most secure types of bike locks. They are flexible and easy to use. If you pair them up with a U-lock or a padlock, this is the safest form of a lock that you can have for your bike. High-end security chains are thick and often made from dense material such as hardened manganese steel. This makes them extremely difficult to cut through even with strong tools such as angle grinders.

How can I judge how secure a particular security chain is?

You can inspect it yourself and determine whether thickness, sturdiness and material of the product seem secure enough to you or not.

You can also look online towards different companies that test security chains and locks. These come out and give them a rating based on how secure they are such as Sold Secure. 

What materials are security chains normally made of?

Different manufacturers experiment with different types of material to make their security chains. As we mentioned earlier, a lot of companies opt for a manganese steel compound. This gives their security chains a strong, durable exterior that is very resistant to cutting as well as leverage attacks.

Many bike chains and protector lock chains are also constructed from CRMO (Chromium and Molybdenum).

Boron Manganese Steel is another alloy that is impenetrable to regular cutting attacks. It does need to be hardened properly, however.

Best Security Chain - FAQs

Can bolt cutters cut through a security chain?

No. Most high-end security chains feature links that are shaped in the form of either a hexagon, trapezoid or square. These unique shapes of the links make it nearly impossible for bolt cutters to get a grip on to them. Even if a thief is somehow able to get a grip onto such a chain, they are thick enough to not be cut. It’s virtually impossible for any human to have enough strength to cut through them using just bolt cutters.

Is it possible to find a security chain that is impossible to cut?

You can’t really say a security chain is impossible to cut as, given enough time and resources, any security chain can be cut no matter how durable it is.

However, you can definitely strive to get a security chain that takes a lot of time and resources in order to be cut. A thief does not usually have a lot of time and they can only carry tools that are portable. Due to these two facts, you can definitely find a security chain that would be strong enough for any thief to get through. 

What are people referring to when they say “through hardened”?

Through-hardening is a process that involves a rapid quench of an alloy. This increases its overall hardness throughout its entire thickness.

What are some reliable brands when it comes to security chains?

Some reliable brands that have been manufacturing security chains for decades are: 
  • Kryptonite 
  • Schlage
  • Abus
  • AKM

Can hardened steel be cut with bolt cutters?

It is very difficult to get through a hardened-steel chain with bolt cutters. This is because a hardened steel chain is hardened throughout its thickness. The flat shape of their links distributes the force of the bolt cutter’s jaw throughout the chain, thereby diffusing its pressure.

Which is better for security: cable or chain?

A security chain is definitely a lot better for security than a standard cable lock. A regular petty thief can get through a cable lock using standard tools such as bolt cutters or a hacksaw. On the other hand, a security chain demands extremely strong tools as well as a lot of time in order to be cut through.

How can I judge how thick my chain should be?

You can determine this by thinking about how secure you want it to be and balance it with how portable you want it to be. It’s also important to think about where you’ll be using it to secure your bike. Ensure that the security chain is thin enough to pass through your bike’s frame or through whatever structure you intend to chain your bike to, etc. 

Final Verdict

Security chains are an important type of bike lock that provide great security and peace of mind to bike owners everywhere. It’s important to do your research and find a high-quality security chain so it won’t be easily defeated by common techniques and tools that thieves use.

After months of testing and research, we have to crown the Kryptonite New York FAHGETTABOUDIT as the winner. It’s astoundingly sturdy, corrosion-resistant and it comes with a convenient LED key too.

This brings us to the end of our post for the best security chains.

Let us know in the comments what security chain you’re making use of to secure your bike.