Schlage Sense vs Connect – Review, Comparison, Final Verdict

With all the variety of smart locks out there, we understand that it can get quite confusing to choose the best one for your home.

This is why today, we’re comparing two of the best smart locks on the market in an attempt to find out which one is the best of the best.

We’ll look at different aspects of these smart locks such as security, features, versatility and price to judge which one trumps the other.

Here’s a quick summary of some of their primary features: 

Product Name





Schla​ge Sense

Has three different ways to gain access to it. Available in many different types of bundles.

Can withstand most basic to moderate attacks.

Has many features such as smartphone access, alarm, Apple Home-Kit pairing and touchscreen access.

More expensive than most smart locks.

Schlage Z-Wave Connect

Also has three different ways to gain access to it. Only available as a stand-alone product.

Not vulnerable to most basic to mid-level attacks.

Doesn’t have Apple Home-Kit pairing but has other features such as Z-Wave system access, alarm, and touchscreen access.

About the same price as most smart locks.

Now that we’ve had a brief overview of the two products, let’s look at each of them in detail.

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How Much Should You Spend on a Good Padlock?
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How Much Should You Spend on a Good Padlock?
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How Much Should You Spend on a Good Padlock?

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How Much Should You Spend on a Good Padlock?
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How Much Should You Spend on a Good Padlock?

Schlage Sense Review - Smart, Durable and Reliable!

The Schlage Sense really comes with a design and arsenal of features that every smart lock would like to have. It has an elegant, streamlined exterior that would fit well in just about any home. Furthermore, you can choose from three aesthetically pleasing colors as well.

You can access the lock in many different ways such as through the smartphone app, by entering an access code on the touchscreen or by using the mechanical key.

The touchscreen is fingerprint-resistant so that no thief is able to figure your access code out by observing fingerprint marks on it.

The product also comes with a built-in alarm that goes off every time it senses a potential attack on it. 

Features of Schlage Sense

  1. Dimensions: 5 inches x 3 inches x 1 inches

  2. Weight: 3.4 pounds

  3. Compatible with Smartphone app

  4. Available in three different colors

  5. Up to 30 access codes

  • Easy to use
    High security
  • Easy to set up and customize
  • Can be accessed mechanically as well
  • Extremely secure
  • Can support many different users
  • Wifi adapter has to be bought separately
    High security
  • Does not connect with Z-Wave technology
  • Relatively expensive

Benefits of Schlage Sense

The Schlage Sense may be slightly more expensive than most ordinary smart locks on the market. However, it more than makes up for this high price with the number of features that are packed into it. 

If you have Alexa in your home, it’s very easy to pair this lock to it and then you can use voice commands to lock and unlock it and even make customizations to it. It can also be paired to an Apple HomeKit so you can make use of Siri and its voice controls as well. 

Many people are skeptical when a smart lock has a keyway as having a keyway can make a lock vulnerable to picking and bumping attacks. However, Schlage has made an effort to make this lock mechanically secure. The keyway consists of a 5-pin tumbler which makes it very difficult for most thieves to break into it. Traditional techniques like lock-picking and lock-bumping won't work. 

You can assign up to 30 different access codes for different people. The smartphone app also allows you to check when these codes are being used in the form of a convenient history log. Thus, you can easily see who has been using the lock to get in and out. 

As mentioned earlier, the smart lock has a keyway.  This keyway is available to you just in case the smart lock’s batteries run out or if there’s any other electrical issue. You can then use a mechanical key to access it manually. 

The Schlage Sense comes in many different bundles such as with a handle set or with its Wifi adapter. You can choose to buy it with the handle set for the added ease of use and aesthetic.  You can also buy it with the Wifi bundle if you want to connect the smart lock to your smartphone via your home’s Wifi rather than through Bluetooth.

It takes four AA batteries in order to operate. The fact that this is battery-operated is convenient because this means the lock will be operational even if the power goes out at your home.

What Do the Customers Think?

We were thoroughly impressed with this product but oftentimes with products like these, not everyone’s experience is the same. This is why we decided to look towards customer reviews on the internet to check how other people have been faring with this product in their home. 

Many customers appreciated how easy the lock was to install. One customer detailed about how installation took home no more than 5 - 10 minutes. They also mentioned the instructional video that’s present in the smartphone app which helps you set the lock up easily. 

Another customer was extremely satisfied with the lock’s battery life and how long it lasted. 


If you’re looking for a smart lock that provides smooth operation with outstanding security then this product is definitely for you. It looks wonderful on most doors, it’s packed with a ton of features and it will last you a lifetime.

Schlage Z-Wave Connect Review - Versatile and User-Friendly!

The Schlage Z-Wave Connect is a wonderful product that provides the user with many different ways to unlock it. The Z-Wave technology allows you to use the lock remotely using your smartphone from wherever you want. This can come in very handy when you’re not at home and have to unlock the door for potential visitors or housekeeping, etc.

It comes in six different colors that you can choose from in order to make it blend perfectly into your home’s environment. It also features two different styles: Camelot and Century. Camelot features more curves while Century is a lot more minimalist.

The touchscreen is resistant to smudging so it stays clean and thieves can’t use it to figure out your access code. 

Features of Schlage Z-Wave Connect

  1. Dimensions: 4.5 inches x 5.1 inches x 9.2 inches

  2. Weight: 3.8 pounds

  3. Smudge-Resistant touchscreen

  4. Compatible with Alexa

  5. ANSI Grade 1

  • Universal lock design that fits most doors
    High security
  • Multiple ways to gain access
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to program
  • Reasonable price
  • Makes a lot of noise during locking/unlocking
    High security

Benefits of Schlage Z-Wave Connect

The Schlage Z-Wave Connect comes with many unique features that make it a worthwhile purchase for many homeowners. It’s extremely easy to install and also very user-friendly when it comes to programming and customizing it.

The battery life on this smart lock is very impressive. It takes 4 AA batteries which will last you up to 8760 hours. This is an extremely great and long-lasting battery life. The lock itself also has a low-battery indicator that warns you way beforehand when the lock requires its batteries to be changed.

The main feature for which this product is bought, however, is because of its compatibility with Z-Wave Home Automation systems. You can easily connect it to your home’s automation system. After that, you’re able to control it remotely from wherever you want using your smartphone or computer.

It has a detailed history log that enables you to check who’s been using the lock to get inside or go outside. It also supports up to 30 different access codes for 30 different users. You can revoke access by removing an access code from the lock’s settings any time you want.

The smart lock also has a built-in alarm that comes with three different modes namely, activity, tamper and forced entry. These three distinct alarms let you know when someone is being suspicious near the lock so you can take appropriate measures.

The security rating for this smart lock is ANSI Grade 1 which is the highest rating a lock can get for residential use. It’s extremely resistant to picking, bumping, cutting and any sort of leverage attacks. Not to mention that whenever anyone even tries to tamper with it, the alarm we mentioned earlier will go off without fail.

The smart lock also features encryption which makes it very difficult to hack the lock as well. This is a concern that many consumers have been voicing ever since the invention of smart locks. 

What Do the Customers Think?

We tested the smart lock under typical home conditions for months. However, we also wanted to know what other people’s experiences have been like with using this smart lock. Thus, we turned to online customer reviews to see what the general consensus on this lock’s security and performance. 

Many customers were impressed with the lock’s responsive touchscreen. A lot of them also appreciated how the lock was easily controllable through SmartThings. 

One customer even updated their review after a year to tell us how they bought two of the locks and both of them have been working without any issues. They go on to detail how one of the locks even survived Hurricane Irma. 


If you’re in the market for a secure smart lock that connects seamlessly to your home’s automation system then this is the product you’re looking for. It comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty and it’s jam-packed with features to keep your home safe.

schlage sense vs connect

Schlage Sense vs Connect - Buyers’ Guide

What is a deadbolt?

A deadbolt is a type of lock that features a protrusion that fits into your door’s frame and prevents it from opening. It is distinct from a traditional spring bolt lock because a deadbolt can only be shifted to the unlocked position by rotating the key. Thus, a deadbolt provides better security to a door than the traditional spring bolt lock without the correct key.

Are smart deadbolts more secure than regular deadbolts?

This is a tricky question because it depends on the quality of the smart deadbolt that you buy. You need to make sure you’re investing in a high-quality smart deadbolt from a trusted manufacturer. As long as you're doing that, a smart deadbolt provides increased security as compared to a regular deadbolt. This is because a smart deadbolt has added safety features such as an alarm system, tumbler pins and a bulkier exterior. 

Many critics have eluded to the fact that a smart lock opens up the possibility of the smart lock being hacked. This is a valid concern but if you buy a high-quality smart lock, they come with secure encryptions that make hacking close to impossible. 

A smart deadbolt also comes with the possibility of you being able to monitor who has been using it to get inside or go outside. This is an added security feature that you could never get with a regular deadbolt. 

As far as security goes, smart deadbolts are definitely more secure than regular deadbolts. Although, the main reason why many consumers invest in smart deadbolts is because of their convenience. They open up many different possibilities when it comes to accessing the lock such as through an access code or through your smartphone. The possibility of remote access that many smart deadbolts provide is a feature that a lot of consumers value.

What are some factors to consider when buying a smart deadbolt lock?

Here are some factors that you should look into before going out to purchase a deadbolt lock: 

  • Security Rating 

The measure of security that a lock provides is measured by its ANSI Grade. A lock can have one of three grades which determine how secure it is: 

ANSI Grade 3 is the lowest grade a lock can get. It means that the lock is not very secure and should only be used as a secondary security measure in addition to a primary lock. It’s only meant for residential use. 

ANSI Grade 2 means the lock provides mid-level security. It can be used as a primary lock in residential areas and provides adequate security against most basic to moderate attacks. 

ANSI Grade 1 means that the lock is extremely secure. Locks with this security rating are normally meant for commercial use.  These days, however, a lot of manufacturers are producing locks meant for residential use with security ratings of ANSI Grade 1. 

When buying your deadbolt, it’s important for you to inspect it and ensure its security rating. If the smart deadbolt is going to be the only lock on your door then it’s important for the security rating to be at least ANSI Grade 2. ANSI Grade 1 may be a bit too much if you’re using it for your home but if you live in a high-risk area, it might be a good idea to invest in such a lock. 

  • Ease of Installation 

It’s important for you to invest in a lock that is easy to install onto your door. This is important not only because firstly, you don’t want to spend all day installing the lock. Secondly, if the smart lock is complicated to install then there’s a chance you may not install it properly on your first try. This can compromise the lock’s security and make your house vulnerable to all sorts of attacks.  

  • Access Mechanisms 

It’s extremely important for you to inspect what type of access mechanisms the lock you’re getting provides. Most smart locks have a touchscreen that allows you to access it through an access code. Other higher-end smart locks also have the ability to pair with your smartphone or your home’s automation system. 

As an example, if you don’t own a smartphone then investing in a smart lock that only allows access via a smartphone is a very bad idea. 

Which is more budget-friendly: The Schlage Sense or the Schlage Connect?

You can get the Schlage Connect for $162 whereas the Schlage Sense costs $199. These are both prices for if you get just the smart deadbolt lock and nothing else. The Schlage Sense has many bundle options with it as well which drive its price up significantly. Thus, the Schlage Connect is definitely the more budget-friendly option of the two. 

Which is more user-friendly: The Schlage Sense or the Schlage Connect?

Both of the products are equally user-friendly as they pretty much have the same exterior body. They also make use of the exact same smartphone app too. One can argue that the Schlage Connect is slightly more complicated to use since it has Z-Wave compatibility. However, if you’re a homeowner that’s been using a Z-Wave home automation system for a while, you’ll have little to no trouble setting up this lock with it.

How do I use my Schlage Sense?

The Schlage Sense offers you many different options when it comes to access mechanisms. You can start by setting up an access code for yourself within the lock’s setup options. Once you’ve decided and set your access code, you can enter it into the smart lock using the touchscreen. If you enter the correct access code, the smart deadbolt will unlock the door for you.

You can also access it using the smartphone app. All you have to do is pair it with your phone via either your home’s Wifi (Wifi module for the smart deadbolt is required for this) or via Bluetooth. You can then use the interface inside the app to unlock your door. 

How do I use my Schlage Connect?

Just like the Schlage Sense, the Schlage Connect also offers many different access mechanisms to the user. It can connect your Z-Wave Home Automation System, a feature that many homeowners find very convenient. This technology can allow you to remotely lock and unlock the Schlage Connect via the web or through your smartphone.

Similar to the Schlage Sense, you can also set an access code on the Schlage Connect. After that, you can enter it onto its touchscreen keypad in order to gain access. 

Final Verdict

Schlage is a brand that has been manufacturing locks for decades at this point. These two products really show why they’ve been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to home security. 

In the end, we have to choose the Schlage Connect as the winner. It provides almost all of the features that the Schlage Sense provides and that too at a lower price. 

This brings us to the conclusion of our post for the Schlage Sense vs Connect. 

Let us know which smart deadbolt you’ve been using and what your experiences have been like with either of these products.